“How To Train My Dog” Course


How to Train My Dog Course

  • -How to stop your dog from mouthing you
  • -Make sure your dog listens when you call their name
  • -Get your dog to go to the bathroom where you want
  • -No more jumping on you or guests
  • -Go for a walk without pulling
  • -How to be calm when you need
  • -Drop it & leave it

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  • Description

    Product Description

    This course goes through step by step all the issues YOU have with your dog. We will teach you how to train your dog in a way that is easy for you to understand, and fun for you and your dog. The course breaks down dog training into 12 weekly emails (plus a bonus introductory email “Core Principles of Dog Training”), so you can practice and solve each problem before moving on!

    The course starts with clicker training 101 and how to stop biting! Each lesson covers 2 topics- and also includes exercise that will directly solve your problem! You will have step-by-step instructions!

    Topics include:

    • Clicker training 101
    • How to stop puppy biting
    • How to house train a dog
    • Ways to reduce how much your dog barks
    • Walking nicely on a leash
    • No more begging at the table for food
    • A whole lot more!

    We offer a 100% guarantee for the first 30 days. If you are not having success, I will meet with you and see if I can help! If not, or you are still unhappy – you get all of your money back! Why not give us a try?

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