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  • Dog Training Online!

  • Dog Training Online!



How to Train My Dog!

How to stop your dog from mouthing you
Make sure your dog listens when you call their name
Get your dog to go the bathroom where you want
No more jumping on you or guests
Go for a walk without pulling
How to be calm when you need
Drop it & leave it

Private Training

Private training is all about working with you and your dog to make your situation work. I start with an in depth interview about goals and issues. From there, I will put together a training plan that fits those goals. As things happen the plan will constantly be evolving to optimize your progress! In addition to weekly video calls with me, you will have access to me via email any time you need!

Single Issue Solver!

Is there one issue you and your dog struggle with? We will diagnose and create a customized plan to solve that issue! Start with a video meeting to learn more about the issue, and then we’ll follow up with the plan. Check in as much as you need for help until it is solved!


My Name is Matt, and helping owners with their dogs is my passion. I am a certified trainer, a KPA-CTP. I have been working with dogs professionally for over 15 years! This includes dog training as well as owning and operating a daycare/cage free boarding/grooming facility, The Dog Nanny, located in Andover, MA.

Beyond formal dog training, I advise hundreds of customers every month on raising their dog. Dog training goes beyond the basics, we are around our dogs all day! I know all the questions you have about your dog that you won’t learn about in training class!

With in-person training around the USA shut down, (our staff know there are plenty of dogs – and dog parents – that need a guiding hand. From help with training to general questions about life with a dog, we are here to help! If you have any questions or just want to chat, please email me.. matt@dogtrainer.co.


I believe in a force-free approach to dog training called clicker training. This is the best approach to training any animal. It is effective and kind to the animal at the same time! Clicker training can be used to build good behavior, as well as eliminate bad behavior… all without causing your dog any pain! With this training, we use the clicker to “mark” we like, which helps create behavior faster!

You and your dog are going to love training with us! We keep it fun, interesting, and make sure to deliver results fast! This is why we offer the 1st month refund guarantee! Let’s get started!

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Core Principles of Dog Training

Our Clients

  • Matt was referred to me by someone that was familiar with his services related to dog training, and dog sitting. When I got my rescue dog Ruby, I called Matt and setup three appointments with him to help me with basic obedience, and commands. He was extremely proficient, not to mention very flexible and accommodating with the scheduling. I chose to have him come to my house so we could work in my dog's environment, and the surrounding neighborhood. He was genuinely concerned as to how things were going, and would text me now and then to see how things were progressing with Ruby. With regards to dog sitting, Matt set Ruby up in a wonderful private home setting when we went on vacation for a week. I know the Dog Nanny has it's group setting, but at the time Ruby had a lame leg and needed to be more secluded. I could not have been more happy with the situation he set up for the week we were gone. I would highly recommend Matt for any of the services he provides, and found him very professional and trustworthy.
    Kurt S
  • Hi my name is Alexis Crawford & our dog Sierra Crawford was with Matt and The Dog Nanny for training. The Dog Nanny did a really exceptional job helping Sierra to understand how to sit, stay, come, sit pretty, play dead. What we love about working with Matt is he truly understands dogs. They’re always great at helping us to understand the best way to approach training with Sierra, so thank you Matt for all the hard work you put in with Sierra!
    Alexis Crawford
  • I have been a client of Matt Finn and The Dog Nanny for a number of years and I met Matt soon after I started day caring Tucker there, my rambunctious yellow lab. Both my dogs (Tucker and Sam) attended puppy training with Matt and others at The Dog Nanny and the experience was exceptional. The boys got well socialized and learned obedience training at the same time. That’s where I learned that Matt really knows his way around dogs and is an exceptional dog trainer. He mixes patience, consistency and excellent communication skills (both verbal and non-verbal) into his teaching for both dogs and their owners. Matt also provided Tucker with some advanced training that instilled both confidence and obedience in him. Tucker loved the class as evidenced by wanting to show me everything he had learned. If you are thinking about a training class for your canine member of the family, I highly recommend Matt.
    Bill McKenzie